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     American company Construction Systems Associates, Inc. (further CSA), known for its software for 3D modeling and design of complicated industrial complexes, has established in April 1991 together with Slovak Power Plant Atómové elektrárne Bohunice (further EBO) common firm CSA & EBO spol. s r.o. located in Trnava, Slovakia.

      CSA & EBO spol. s. r. o. provides the technology and engineering services in generated 3D models of industrial complexes or their selected nodes and features. To provide high quality of provided services we use Silicon Graphics UNIX workstations as well as Windows NT based regular PCs powered by the software of our corporate company CSA Inc. in Atlanta, USA.

     Object oriented model provides full coordination and internal information interlacing of all design companies with different specialization to eliminate the conflicts of construction also during the time of the design process. We offer also the database of "As Built" documentation. That is a part of our object related database as an digital archive. It consists of the drawings, operating manuals as well as the instructions for the services. Both, 3D model and digital archive provide quick way to get exact and complex information that is just in few seconds ready to use by the management or service. Digital archive is made as the simple database or HTML pages located on the local networks of the client companies, or combines both techniques.

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